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St. Petersburg White Nights

Free hugging at the main square of the city; discovering treasures of the Hermitage; exploring Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo) beauty; enjoying the picnic at the lawns of the Peter-and-Paul fortress; relaxing in the sauna at the lake… … and to rollick all night long dancing like hell at the Night Boat Party and having fun during the Pub crawl and the parties in the clubs and bars of St-Pete

Tours With Paws

Tours with Paws is aiming to be THE travel site for dog owners

It will be a resource where all the information needed to travel smoothly with your pet can be accessed quickly and simply, where products to make journeys easier will be stocked at realistic prices, and where tips, wrinkles and experiences are shared. And that’s the most important part. This isn’t a commercial site targeting pet owners; it’s a friendly place where all of us can participate with experiences, reviews, pictures and ideas.