Drupal Training

We enjoy delivering training to diverse groups of people ranging from newbies to more experienced developers.

We also enjoy training less technical individuals from project management, or creative backgrounds on getting the best out of Drupal.

We offer tailor-made Drupal training to individuals and groups.

At the end of all of our training courses, if relevant you will be able to take your code, database and fully functional website away with you and dazzle your colleagues back in the office. You will also receive a certificate of completion.

There are many times where training has become the first part of our ongoing relationship with you. We have continued to (and love to) support organisations with their training, consultancy, development and support needs well after they have finished their initial training with us.

Bespoke training

Our bespoke Drupal training courses focus on your specific project or organisational requirements.

Once your course has finished we will still be on hand for post-course support and questions.

We have delivered bespoke Drupal training for UNICEF, 3B Digital & Zinco Design.

"I went from the UNICEF Geneva office to London to receive a customised Drupal 8 training course delivered by Imagine Creativity over 5 days. Over this time the trainer, Chandeep, took me from beginner to being able to understand the CMS, the community and how to find helpful resources.

I learnt how to create and edit content, add new functionality, back end and front end development, how to engage with the community and manage digital agency procurement for future projects.

We also covered content types, menus, blocks, useful contrib modules, how to extend a base theme by using a sub-theme and twig templates. In addition to this I received a thorough walkthrough of drupal.org, project pages and issue queues and feel confident about reporting any issues I find there.

I also developed confidence with managing local development environments, and using Pantheon & Acquia Cloud hosting. Thank you so much for an incredibly eye-opening training week!

Imelda Pagdilao, ICT Officer, UNICEF Geneva

"We were delighted that Chandeep was able to spend a full day with us here at 3B Digital running through a thorough and informative Drupal training session that proved invaluable to our most recent development hires whilst confirming that our more seasoned tech team had been “doing it right all along”.

3B heartily recommend Chandeep to any agency looking to establish Drupal config best practice and coding standards."

Jack Bremer, Technical Director, 3B Digital Ltd.

Group training

We have also delivered training to groups of individual participants who have attended my training sessions including people from University College London, Epilepsy Action & Principles for Responsible Investment.

"Chandeep's broad experience has facilitated a major leap forward in my knowledge of and work in Drupal. As if Chandeep had already done the footwork for me, he had clear and accurate answers for the multitude of questions I had. I learned a lot in very little time, saving me valuable work time and enabling me to more comfortably and quickly work in Drupal."

Sacha Wellborn, Drupal Development Officer, Epilepsy Action.

"I attended a one day introduction to Drupal, where Chandeep handled the wide ranging questions from a diverse group with flair and ease. He has natural gift for improvisation making the most of what ever he has to work with”.

Tony Fawcett, Digital Projects Manager, Principles for Responsible Investment.

I attended a one day intense Drupal 8 training course run by Chandeep. The lesson was well planned & executed. I learnt a lot more than I thought I would be able to in such a short space of time. He was engaging, spoke very clearly throughout and explained everything in great detail. I was very pleased with the website I was able to create and my knowledge of content types, layouts, blocks & views. Very professional and much recommended!

Maryum Fazaldin, London South Bank University

Training courses

Some of the most popular training courses we deliver include the following. You can either select a single course or choose to attend all of them. These assume no prior knowledge.

  • Drupal 8 for beginners - core concepts (1 day)
  • Drupal 8 for intermediate development (2 days)
  • Drupal 8 for advanced development (1 day)
  • Drupal 8 bootcamp. Takes developers new to Drupal 8 to intermediate/advanced development (4-5 days)
  • Drupal 8 for Drupal 7 developers (1-2 days)


Our training courses typically cost £400 per person per day, but is reduced as the number of attendees you book increases. Special non-profit discounts are also available.

Please enquire to talk to us about your needs and we will be as flexible as we can to team skills mixes, sizes and locations.

Course outline - Drupal 8 bootcamp

This takes developers new to Drupal 8 to intermediate/advanced development.

This four and a half day workshop takes you from beginner to intermediate level with Drupal 8. Participants will learn how to create and edit content, add new functionality, back end & front development, and engaging with the community and resources. 

Objective and outcomes:

  • Participants will build competence and confidence in using and editing content in Drupal 8.

  • Participants will develop higher-level skills to develop new functionality with back end and front end development.

  • Participants will learn to manage local dev environments & Acquia Cloud hosting.

  • Participants will learn to assess and understand how to select digital technology partners working in the Drupal eco-system. 

Course content:

  • Introduction to content management systems and how Drupal compares with them

    • The right & wrong times to use Drupal?

    • A history on Drupal 6, 7 & 8 including what's changed

    • The Drupal 8 roadmap so far and what's coming up

  • An in-depth walkthrough of Drupal 8 core

    • A journey through the admin interface

    • Creating and editing content

  • Extending the default content types with custom fields

  • Using content types to create custom entities, and adding fields

    • Looking at the remaining field types and creating them

    • Managing form displays

    • Managing displays, including the use of view modes

  • Working with menus (main nav, user etc)

    • Adding content to menus

    • Creating custom menus

  • Blocks

    • An overview of what they're useful for

    • when is best to create them, use them for layout

  • Understanding and configuring with users, roles and permissions

  • Using taxonomies to categorise content

  • Useful Drupal contributed modules, installing & configuring them

  • Using Drush, Composer & Docker

  • Configuration management - using shell commands to import & export configuration from the database to the git repo

  • Front end development- Core themes, popular base contributed themes & correctly sub-theming them. Twig templates, SASS, CSS, Gulp

  • Back end development - custom module development

  • Issue queues, Drupal.org & accessing support from the community

  • Development environments & hosting

    • Git and multi-environment theory and demonstrations

    • Installing a local development environment

    • Configuring a test hosting account with Acquia Cloud / Pantheon to test pushing changes from local > dev > test > live

  • Building/developing your own Drupal 8 website putting your learnings into practice