Digital Marketing

Website Optimisation

We have developed a highly effective arsenal of website optimisation techniques to boost the rankings of our clients in a wide range of industries. Using this expertise we can turn your product, service or brand into an online success story.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Choosing the right search terms is critical to the campaign's success. How do you find the keywords potential customers are typing to find your products?

Natural Search Optimisation

Our considerable experience in optimising sites for best positioning in Search Engines has led us to value the following practices in site design:

  • On-page Optimisation

    • Clean, well structured code
    • Modifications to existing CMS architecture to maximise site visibility
    • Sitemaps, Spider control, crawlable Javascript & parallel campaigns for Flash sites
    • Good housekeeping practices with title and header tags, alt tags, URLs, redirects and duplicate content
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Strategies

    • Ads in the top paid search positions receive an exponentially greater number of clicks than lower placed ads. However, the Google Adwords bidding system is not as simple as 'highest bid wins highest position'
  • Visitor Statistics & Analytical Reporting

    • We provide comprehensive visitor statistics, that can be broken down to notify you which forms of marketing are providing the most visitors as well as ways of measuring the quality. Quality of visitors can be measured by seeing how long they stayed on your website, which pages were the most popular and even what times they visited. All of this can greatly help you to redirect any money you are currently spending on marketing into the areas proving strong, and away from weaker areas. This unique approach helps to provide you with return on investment reporting and can be customised either easy to use, or provide complex customer data according to your needs. This provides an overview of the campaign's effectiveness - but your sales department may bring you the good news before we do.
  • Email Marketing

    • Building and improving email lists is a key part of any enterprise's effort to target customers and prospects within their own database. An email campaign can provide obvious benefits such as driving online sales, or confer more subtle advantages such as improving brand perception.
  • Social Networks & Blogs

    • In the blogosphere, to build popularity you must be spotted, mentioned, and ideally endorsed by people who are an authority in your subject area. To take advantage of this online space, you'll be required to engage with your customers and users in new ways. Regularly publishing original content in the form of previews, press releases, anecdotes, top ten lists or industry information is a solid start.