We are in the process of rebranding to 2Toucans and will be launching a new website soon.


The Hub Shop

In the Hubshop you can always find original, trendy wannahaves with a good story that are hard to find at other places. They offer a unique concept to small sustainable entrepreneurs to help them to enter the market by allowing them to rent shelves, sections or boxes in their store. "Because it’s so nice to create, import and design stuff and we know there are so many people with great ideas that we just love to collect all these nice items and offer them to you" Their website includes an e-Commerce web shop which sells jewellery, bags, clothing, games, food, accessories and homeware.

Fresh Lens Coaching

Ros Lund is a qualified coach who has led cross-cultural teams and inspired diverse people to achieve superior results for more than ten years. Ros has fourteen years experience of leadership in Corporate Financial Services, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams in American Express, Barclaycard and Independent bookshops. Ros’ corporate experience, authenticity and focus on tangible results bring a strategic dimension and energy to her work.

Inspired Arts London

Every now and then we all need some creative inspiration and I enjoy getting it from visiting photographic and art exhibitions.

This is why I have been running this group since August 2008 on Meetup.com. I recently decided to rebrand the group and make it more accessible to all who are interested based on feedback from you.

Hounslow Race & Equalities Council

Hounslow Race & Equalities Council (HREC) is committed to supporting all persons in the London Borough of Hounslow (i.e. residents, students, children, workers and employees) who may experience discrimination in any one of the following areas: -

  • Race
  • Disability
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sex
  • Religion or Belief
  • Gender Re-assignment
  • Pregnancy & Maternity
  • Age


Silk Road Boutique

Silk Road Boutique is a premium silk product company providing elegant and luxurious 100% mulberry silk sleepwear and loungewear. Throughout the history silk fabrics are celebrated as one of the best types of textiles because of its breathable character and natural compound proteins, which are renowned for freshening and moisturising your delicate skin. 

TamShar Art Collections

TamShar Collections has been operating since 2005, and specialises in Innovation & Creative Art & Design, from commission pieces of artwork, pottery, sculptures to product and furniture design all of which have been sold to friends, family & work colleagues, who have helped to promote what they do by spreading the word. The Product and Furniture Designs see the new ranges "Jigbi" and the "Peek-a-Boo" soon to be launched. They are available here on TamShar Collections website and in leading designs stores, so watch their space.