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Drupal Camp London

Why this years' Drupal Camp London was the best

7 Mar 2016

Now in its 4th consecutive year, Drupal Camp London is one of six annual camps in the UK and the 2nd largest in Europe with 600 attendees.

  1. You can really feel that the Drupal community is filled with love. I have attended quite a few other web conferences and they really don't give you that feeling. There were many established community members making time for new ones, taking time to explain things.
  2. The organisers, volunteers and staff at City University ran the event super smoothly with great organisation 
  3. Many sessions were presented to a full house, some with standing room only (UX : The elephant in the room.)
  4. BoF (Birds of a feather) sessions were well attended and a great way to get changemakers in a room together, e.g. Charity fundraising platforms initiative & the Drupal Apprenticeship scheme.
  5. There were 2 sprint rooms - one for new contributors and another for experienced ones.
  6. Jam's moustache was looking better than ever before, especially with his Indian yellow waistcoat.
  7. Many attendees, speakers, sponsors & organisers were now in their 3rd or 4th consecutive year.
  8. Consistently we have the 2nd largest Drupal Camp in Europe, with 600 attendees.
  9. Many Drupal apprentices were in attendance and actively participating in the camp (I spotted some from Code Positive & Catch Digital).
  10. The volunteer team was a diverse group from around the world (Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the UK of course).
  11. The CxO/Business Day was full of people sharing their experiences in a helpful, non-competitive way.
  12. Attendees I met at the same camp in 2014 that attended the camp as newbies went on to attend their local user groups, other camps, DrupalCons and are helping other newbies to get acquainted with 'the Drupal way'.
  13. Michael Schmid 'Schnitzel' was here highlighting the importance of voting in the upcoming elections to select a 'Director at Large' community representative on the Drupal Association board.
  14. As Drupal 8 was launched in November, we were discussing many sites that have been launched and use it, or sites that are in progress, with many sessions focused on the new Drupal release. There was a lot more excitement around it than ever before. At the CxO day Paul Johnson said some clients are now requesting it in briefs.
  15. Many clients, marketing people and project managers were in attendance showing it is not just an event for technical folk.
Chandeep Khosa

Come join us at Drupal Camp London 2015

9 Feb 2015

There are only 3 weeks left until Drupal Camp London​ takes place (Fri 27 February - Sun 1 March). It will be hosted by City University London​ in Angel as it has for the past 2 years.

Whether you're a Drupal​ pro or just want to learn more, follow the link for weekend, business day and volunteer tickets.

Session submissions have now closed and are being selected for the schedule. In the meantime feel free to look at last year's site for an idea of what is on offer Drupal Camp London 2014

Drupal Camp London 2015


"This year is going to be mega for Drupal with the release of Drupal 8 and the viable use of it for projects. Now is the time to help get Drupal 8 out the door and we're organising Sprints to assist in that. Now is the time to head along and learn what is going on in the Drupal world and ensure you're ready for the future. Oh, and now is the time to come along, make new friends, learn how awesome Drupal is and have a great time.

We've sold out the last two years so please be sure to get your tickets nice and early. The Drupal camp London organising committee looks forward to welcoming you to our wonderful city and and fantastic Drupal camp!"


If you'd like to see how the event was last year, below are a few photos taken by our friend Michael Schmid.

Chandeep Khosa