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New website launch : Poached Creative

3 Jul 2015

We are proud to announce the launch of the new responsive site for Poached Creative. The previous site was a simple Blogger blog, that didn't respond to different device or screen sizes. The transition to a fully responsive website using the Drupal content management system was a huge improvement.


We are very pleased to work with Poached Creative and support all the positive work that they do. They are a communications agency which also trains up disadvantaged people and gives them work opportunities with them. They are a social enterprise and member of Social Enterprise UK, and as such their profits get re-invested into the community and helps them make a greater social impact. They also helped to create Buy Social, a directory of social enterprises to encourage more people to buy from and support them.


The new site is also full of images to make use of the funky collage style of tiled images on landing pages. There are interesting hover transitions on these images that show more details of the project shown. These reveal title, description and link through to the relevant project.

The site also makes use of caching, which prevents load on the hosting server and makes the site a lot faster to load. It is hosted with Pantheon cloud hosting which scales with sudden increases to website traffic.

Key benefits

  • Content approval workflow, with multiple users able to edit the same content
  • Very easy to add new content, and automatically see it appearing on other pages as teaser content (avoiding duplications)
  • A media library for images, allowing the same ones to be re-used and save users having to upload the same images multiple times
  • Search engine optimisation dramatically improved, bringing lots of new visitors to the website
Chandeep Khosa